Our Story

She’ll Be Apples is run by Nick and Kahani.
We're a young couple born and bred in Geelong with a passion for wholesome, quality food.

In recent years, the more independent we became and the more commitments we took on, the more we understood that dinner-making could be downright stressful. Our poor parents - how did they do it!

To preserve the balance between work and rest, we made a routine of popping on our aprons on a Sunday to cook up dinners for the week ahead. We noticed such a weight released from our shoulders knowing we always had food in the freezer, ready to go without a second thought or that all-too-familiar last minute supermarket dash.

More than this, we discovered that cooking wasn’t just a means to an end for us, but a process with which we genuinely fell in love.

Witness to our epic kitchen sessions, a great deal of input naturally began to come from Kahani’s mum Tanya, a former owner of both a Melbourne café and local personal catering business Cooked For You with over 15 years’ cooking experience. Her unmistakable mastery in the kitchen inspired us to continually refine our recipes and keep up the creativity.

And so, at the beginning of 2018, we put two and two together. There could only be more families in Geelong who could benefit from these homecooked meals. And families for whom ‘meal kits’ didn’t take away as much of the time and stress of dinner-making as they surely needed and wanted.

With travel a close second to our passion for food, our inspiration is drawn not only from our parents but from across the globe. All up we’ve visited nearly 30 countries, indulging and experimenting from street food markets in India and Morocco, to fine dining in Italy and Greece, to authentic home-stay meals in Zambia and Vietnam.

On our Apples journey so far, we've been fortunate enough to feature in Forte and GT Magazine, we've run cooking demos for kinder kids, we've met some amazing local families, and we've given ourselves many a bellyache from eating too much of our own dahl.

To the question on everyone’s lips – ‘What’s for dinner?’ – we say she'll be apples, meaning she’ll be right. It’s all good. We’ve got you covered. Our business name is utterly Aussie and down-to-earth because that’s just us. We’re not fancy pants chefs or juice-cleansing fructarians, we’re just two regular young people who love no-nonsense, quality food that lightens your load, tastes terrific, and doesn’t rob you blind.