The Process


In our council-registered kitchen, we hand-knead the dough for your sweet potato gnocchi, slow-cook your pork shoulder for four hours, and peel the Granny Smiths for your crumble.

Once prepared, we immediately freeze the meals, not only preserving all of their nutritional value but giving you and your family the flexibility to enjoy them whenever you most need in the coming 2-6 months.


We deliver twice a week – on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 5-9pm – with our aim to have your freezer stocked with meals for your week or month ahead.

For Monday evening delivery, place your order by the end of the Saturday prior.
For Wednesday evening delivery, place your order by the end of the Monday prior.

After ordering, you’ll receive an automated email or text confirming your order and delivery date. If you’re stepping out or simply have your hands a tad full to answer the door, feel free to leave out an esky or cooler bag for us to drop your meals straight into.


Some of our dishes (such as our lasagnes and cannelloni) come fully prepared but uncooked. These can be transferred straight from freezer to oven, prime for those extra hectic, late-decision kind of nights.

The rest of our meals are fully cooked: defrost naturally the night before, reheat in your microwave, on the stove or in the oven, and you’re good to go!

Don’t miss our serving suggestions for each dish here on our website. Our hope is that the final step left for you to complete your meal is the cruisy bit – boiling rice or pasta, toasting some garlic bread, or slicing a salad. We’re here to take care of the hard part whilst still giving you the freedom to add a side that suits your preferences and appetite.