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Kahani has raved about Moroccan cuisine ever since her couscous-gobbling, mint tea-sipping days spent in the country several years ago. The unique tang of this bold vegetarian stew instantly transports you there. Pumpkin chunks and chickpeas see it packed with nutrients, while the creamy, exotic gravy is fit for licking the bowl clean.

Serving suggestions: Serve with couscous, quinoa, or rice of choice (goes especially well with brown rice for an extra protein hit!). Add optional humus and leafy greens to create a colourful dish.~

Ingredients: Chickpeas, pumpkin, coconut oil, red onion, garlic, ground cumin, sweet paprika, ground nutmeg, ground turmeric, ground coriander, fennel seeds, rosemary, tomato paste, vegetable stock, coconut sugar, coconut cream, currants, coriander, salt, pepper.