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Our vegetarian spin on this Russian classic bears a hearty taste without a heavy feel. Antioxidant-rich mushrooms and fibre-charged butter beans are smothered in a lush sauce of onion, tomato, and a hint of sweet paprika. We stir through a touch of light sour cream as a finale and top with a parsley garnish.

Come to think of it, there’d be no better combo to represent Kahani’s late maternal grandparents – her Russian grandmother (the Stroganoff Queen) meets her English grandfather (the ultimate Mr. Butter Bean). Here’s to them!

Serving Suggestions: This splendidly saucy stroganoff pairs extra well with pasta, but also mighty fine atop mashed potatoes, rice, and/or steamed greens.

Ingredients: White mushrooms, butter beans, soy sauce, onion, paprika, tomato paste, Dijon mustard, dry white wine, vegetable stock, sour cream, vegetable oil, corn flour, parsley, pepper.



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