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8 large chicken tenders per serve

Skip the drive-thru in favour of this healthier, homemade snack or dinner to keep your young’uns merry all the same. Our chunky, crispy chicken nuggets are double-coated in a mix of panko breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, and subtle herbs and spices designed for kids. They’re oven-baked instead of deep-fried to retain the flavour with no added fat, juicy on the inside and golden on the outside. Try not to steal all of them off your child’s plate…

Serving suggestions: Couple these with your usual tomato or tartare sauce, or if you’ve got a more adventurous little one, a nasty-free tomato relish might be even better. Comes with a wedge of lemon to squeeze over your nuggets.

 Chicken breast, panko breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, plain flour, eggs, salt, dried thyme, oregano, black pepper, ground ginger, mustard powder, paprika, vegetable oil.